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AUSTRALIA 2013 – Part 2


Just about halfway though my latest stay¬† Down Under, the sun is still shining and I’m about as tanned as I’m ever likely to be.

The pictures tell the story, the one below is fairly typical in the morning although I’m now under instruction to make sure a little more “discipline” is employed, grandparents tend to be more relaxed than the staff at the daycare which is the Aussie name for playschool!

He raids the fridge for his yoghurt and is not fussed whether a spoon is handy or not!


I mentioned before that we are staying just outside of Manly, actually in the lovely suburb of Seaforth.

I do like the architecture over here, the homes around the harbour are stunning and the colours fit in beautifully, every house is different, that is what hits you.


This is where we stay and this is what I do.


Now I’d never played bowls in my life, bowling yes, many times but neve ron the grass, always thought it was something you do a little later in life……………wrong!

Over here it is very cool, barefoot bowls they call it and it’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Very relaxed, nice food and the kids are more than welcome.

Really enjoyed the actual game and found I was quite good at it, another hobby may be looming!


A quiet Sunday afternoon on the Bowls lawn!



I really took to the game and my missus kept a watchful eye, I think she won!



This is how to cheat at bowls and get away with it!


One of my favourite walks is from the Wharf down to the main surf beach and then along the pathway to Shelly Beach. The sea is crystal clear and is very popular for snorkeling, you can also see many of the Northern Beaches right up to the point at Palm Beach – the one made famous by Home and Away.


A bit of posing on the Shelly walkway while Henry is asleep.



A bit more posing!


There are lots of water fountains in the Corso, Henry has now decided that it’s great fun to get completely soaked on the walk through to the beach! He seemed to enjoy drinking the water far more this way than from his container.


Henry was thirsty on the Corso!



Basically he just wanted to get wet!


This is the main surf beach, been having some wonderful times there over the past few weeks. Life doesn’t really get any better and I have a book of memories that will stay with me for ever.


Lots of space for a little fella!



Fun on the beach.



I really want to be in the water!



Happy Days!



Have to have my drink!



What a smile!


My mate Geordie John is here now and we met up at his daughters house in French;s Forest which is not too far from Seaforth. Looking forward to fishing now, John is an accomplished sea angler and I have a lot to learn!

Me and Big Geordie John!


Up until last weekend the only place I had ever seen one of these was at the zoo, this one was in the back garden!

Redback in the garden.


I prefer to see these rather than the redbacks! Water Dragons are very common around Manly.

Lots of these near Shelly Beach


I took a trip out to the Olympic Park just to make sure the show was still on, it is, and I’ll tell you about it in part 3!


Not long now!




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