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THE BARBEL SHOW – Sunday May 26th 2019




The river season has come to an end and the thoughts of barbel anglers across the country are focussed on the next season.

Before that time comes around there is a great opportunity to meet up with like minded souls three weeks before the rivers open once more and really get into the mood for what’s to come.

I have not missed a single one of these events since we put on our first back in 1996, that means in May I’ll be attending my twenty fourth show – that’s a lot of shows!

I’m typing this up from the other side of the world but I will be back just in time, that’s how much store I put on what is always a brilliant day out.

Over the many years the show/conference has been running we have had just about everyone well known in the barbel world give a talk or been in attendance and when you look at the line up we have in store for this coming May you can see that we are supported by the biggest names in the Angling world.

It’s testimony to our longevity and indeed to his own that we have Bob James giving a talk this year, he was on the bill of our first show back at the Pemberton Centre in ’96!

John Bailey is well known to anyone with an interest in fishing and we are proud to say that he has been a wonderful supporter of the Barbel Society since our inception. He has given many informative and thoughtful talks for us and he is not afraid to put his head on the block by actively confronting many of the difficult issues that we face as anglers. You can be certain that John’s presentation will leave an indelible mark.

Phil Smith is a Founder Member and apart from giving talks at the show, he has given countless presentations at regional level and I doubt if he has missed many of our annual shows over the past twenty plus years. A firm Society supporter, great angler who is always worth listening to.

Dr. Paul Garner , another great supporter and a good friend of mine. I am in awe at his capacity to maintain such a high level in his writing, he seems to have an endless supply of brilliant articles and features and if you’ve been to our shows before when Paul has been on the bil then you will be aware that he is just as good at speaking!

Now I think I’m corrcct in saying that John Costello is giving his first show presentation for us and I for one am really looking forward to it. Anyone who has fished the lower Severn for many years will be well aware of John and the fantastic captures he has made, not just barbel but huge pike and zander as well.  I wish we had seen more of John in print because one of his articles from way, way back made a huge impact on me. It  was in the Barbel Catchers magazine and it taught me that there is more to writing about fishing than the obvious. Basically John wrote this article from the perspective of his fishig compabion, his dog, and you never could have guessed until the final paragraph – it was truly brilliant. So I’m expecting great things from John!

Now the Society prides itself on being fair, we might not agree with someones views on a subject but that does not mean they are not welcome at our events. On the contrary we are more than happy to give them a platform. I have in recent times engaged in real vocal and written battles with Mark Lloyd, the CEO of the Angling Trust, but I am extremely pleased he is coming along to our Show to put forward his case. He has my respect and admiration for entering the metaphorical lion’s den but he and I both know that we are first and foremost gentlemen and so too are our members, ladies too, and Mark will be made very welcome and we will all be looking forward to what he has to say.


The Show isn’t just about the speakers, top notch as they are, it’s about a lot more and it’s why we have managed to keep it going so well for so long.

There are many trade stands, not the one’s you will see at the huge Angling Shows but guys who will offer a more personal touch and have the time to talk through any questions you may have. While saying that it goes for the speakers as well, they stick around for most of the day and are more than happy to sign books, have a photo taken and just talk fishing, you only get this at the Barbel Society Show! Gary Mills who is THE centrepin man will be there to answer any queries and give spot checks to your reels, fishing clubs, specialist groups, publishers, tackle and bait businesses, there really is something for everyone. Fisky will be there with his Fabulous Feeders and leads. You will no doubt have read about Fisky but once you see his goods I guarantee you wil buy, they are my go to items for the big rivers.

Venue wise this is a new one for us and it is quite superb, it is a hotel that caters for this type of thing so layout wise along with everything else it will be very good indeed.

Location wise, well it’s easy to get to off the motorway system and is very close to one of the countries premier tourist spots – Ironbridge, so why not make it a weekend away and take in all the local sights as well.

Price wise we have kept costs down as much as we can so that we are able to put out a sensible ticket price and bear in mind that partners and children under 16 are free, that makes for a great value family day out. And youngsters are very welcome, it’s a great chance for them to chat to the guys they see in the papers and magazines and get autographs, photos etc.

The show always exudes a very friendy atmosphere so if you are contemplating a first visit then rest assured you will be made very welcome and if you have been coming for years then you will already know that the Barbel Show is a great place to meet up with old friends and make new ones as well.

I hope I’ve whetted your appetite, if I have then make sure to say hello, we will do our best to ensure you have a marvellous day out.

All the very best, look forward to seeing you at the Barbel Show!




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