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Press Release – April 2nd 2010




Two new DVDs that are set to astonish!

The latest DVDs from Kali Productions, Barbel Days And Ways Volumes Three and Four, will be released to coincide with the Barbel Society Conference on Sunday 9th May, 2010

Volumes Three and Four pick up from where the critically acclaimed One and Two left off. Featuring Bob Roberts, Stuart Walker, Mick Wood, Dave Mason and Archie Braddock, the team set about unlocking the secrets of successful barbel fishing. Filming takes place on the rivers Wye, Teme, Wharfe and Trent with further underwater sequences being shot on different rivers.

The new underwater sequences will provide an astonishing insight into how our baits behave on the river bed and this alone will make you reconsider some of the traditional tactical approaches that are recommended by so many ‘experts’. PVA bags come under scrutiny and are found to be wanting in many situations, too.

Anglers’ tackle is introduced to the swims where underwater filming is taking place and we see for the first time how barbel react to brushing up against an angler’s line, the reaction of fish to different hook link materials and also how the spooking of a fish is interpreted by fellow shoal members. It considers how barbel anglers fall into the trap of treating all barbel the same when we should probably be asking, do barbel have individual personalities?

In the films we see the use of float tackle to fool pressured fish, alternative baits to the now standard pellet and boilie approaches and top secret camouflaged rigs. In response to many requests from customers who watched the first two DVD’s, Bob and Stuart visit a stretch of river that they have never seen before and show how they locate barbel using computer software and good old fashioned watercraft. You will learn how to use dead maggots, method feeders, go fish spotting and so much more. You’ll even be able to see what a fish can see in a flooded river.

These films are crammed full of ideas, helpful suggestions and breathtaking photography. If you enjoyed the first two DVDs, the new ones will certainly not disappoint. They raise our game to a new level as we have developed our filming, editing and presentation skills.

Filming took place over the space of six months with the underwater sequences accounting for almost an entire month of patient and dedicated experimentation. Sometimes it took several days to capture the desired footage for a simple ten second clip or short sequence in the DVD might but the end result is worth every drop of sweat we invested in the project.

Each film is almost 90 minutes long and despite rising production and distribution costs we have managed to peg our prices at £14.99 per DVD including P&P (each). They can be bought separately or as a pair.

All four volumes of Barbel Days And Ways can be purchased online at

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