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Mid December Update




 Well I don’t know about the North Pole but it’s still cold enough where I live to freeze the wotsits off any brass monkeys around here!


A beautiful blue sky outside today, but still ridiculously cold, to think just a few weeks ago I was looking forward to an early winter Severn campaign!

Oh well, I’ll tell myself that this is it for winter and January is going to be remarkably mild and the Severn will rise just enough to send all those big mama’s into a feeding frenzy………………….and then I woke up!

The snow has been around for a fortnight now and I’ve only ventured out a couple of times.

Three hardy souls decided conditions were just right for a spot of paragliding on the hill that overlooks our cottage, perhaps I’ll think about taking that up as an extra hobby…………on second thoughts.

Luckily for us they were obviously highly skilled and we didn’t need to put extra plates out for lunch!

I do not jest, my neighbours have told me that it isn’t a rare occurence for these men in their flying machines to make emergency landings!


Joking aside I do consider that I am extremely fortunate to live up here, the snow is a small price to pay for the stunning scenery and the friendly people who keep me company.



Cricket lovely Cricket,
At Adelaide where I saw it;
Cricket lovely Cricket,
At The Oval where I saw it;
Ponting tried his best
But Strauss won the test.
The Barmies gave the crowd plenty fun;
Second Test and England won.

England was feeling homely,
Their Barmy Army had them happy.
When Pieterson’s double century had ended,
English voices all blended.
Hats went in the air.
They jumped and shouted without fear;
So at the Adelaide Oval was the scenery
Bound to go down in history.

Apologies to the Windies, I know this is a calypso celebrating their famous win over us in 1950 but with a little tinkering it fits in rather well today don’t you think?


Now this cracked me up, it’s actually a website set up to bring back Shane Warne, if ever you needed proof of how desperate the Aussies are then this is it!

Now I know there are three tests to go, I’m well aware that you don’t ever write off an Aussie sportsman, I know we’ve lost Stuart Broad, but none of that changes the fact that this time around we are much better than them!

No matter what the outcome of the Perth Test, I’m sure Graham Swann will take enough wickets to ensure victory in Sydney and it’s all over then, I still think it’s all over now!

I’m just ever so slightly peeved that I’m not going to be out there when I was sure I was going to be at the Sydney Cricket Ground once again, this time cheering England home to a famous Ashes victory and not watching Bruce!

Never mind, more late nights and early mornings around the TV and listening to the radio.

Imagine what he’s going to look like comes the new year!



Had a nice email the other day from the guys at Fishtec. They were reviewing the many fishing blogs on the web and were letting me know what they had said.

“If barbeling is your bag, then this is the blog for you.”

Thanks lads, much appreciated, makes the effort worthwhile.

I get mails from America, Australia and Europe all saying how much the content is enjoyed and that gives me one helluva buzz.

Not a lot of barbel content in this update unfortunately, but after Christmas who knows!!



Bit of a shock last night, but I did say Lord Sugar does not like power women, even more so when they are attractive!

Still say it will be Chris, AS sort of gave the game away last night.

As for Stuart ( I’m only 21!), he has to be a comedian, I must remember the field of ponies line!



Must give a plug for the latest issue for obvious reasons!


There’s a nice article detailing the day I had on the Wye with Dr. Paul Garner along with another barbel related feature on the Kennet.



Now this is a magazine you cannot buy in the shops, the latest issue, number 30, arrived this morning.


If you are a barbel fisher then this is the magazine for you.

You can only get this superb magazine by being a Barbel Society member so what are you waiting for?


I’m off to London tomorrow, can’t see me fishing this side of Christmas but I’m sure I’ll have another update before the holiday.

Seasons greetings to you all in the meantime, and sincere thanks to everyone who looks in on here.



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