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Mid-April Update



We’re a month into the close season and it’s that time of the year when you start to think about new items of tackle for the fishing months that lie ahead.

Now I know The Barbel Show is on the horizon and you can buy all manner of interesting items there, and the tickets are now on sale, all details HERE,

but………….if it’s a centrepin reel you’re after then let me just remind you.

My best mate Fred Crouch is not only one of the biggest names in Barbel fishing, he is the maker of fine ‘pins.

Plus, they are  wonderful value for money.

The JET is fantastically popular and you can set about becoming the proud owner of one by sending me an email today.

The TROTTER is another favourite and does exactly what its name implies.

Superb value once again and ideal for running a float down the stream to catch all manner of species.

There is more information in my Shop section HERE.

IF you want to purchase these fine reels then get in touch with me here,







No one really believed the biggest comeback since Lazarus was ever on the cards and in the end class really did tell.

Mourinho is the absolute Master and I for one would not bet against Real lifting the big cup at Wembley.

The sad part is that Tottenham may have to wait some time before they get another chance to rub shoulders with the best in Europe. Fifty years ago it was our rightful place but somewhere along the line we came off the fast track and ended up in the slow lane.

At least it reignited a bit of passion in me for the old Lilywhites but the realty is I’ll have to live on memories from the past……………..

Before I move on though this current interest in Real Madrid has stirred memories from way back, fifty years in fact.

The match in question was the European Cup Final at Hampden Park where Real thrashed Eintracht 7-3 in front of 135,000 fans.

I remember watching this on TV, seeing Puskas and Di Stefano score all the goals while Gento was the Spanish equivalent of Bale. Del Sol made up the forward line.

The match is generally accepted as being one of the greatest games of all time.

This was the year I started following Spurs and not long after they were wearing the all white kit made famous by Real, it was probably their own homage to possibly the finest club team ever.






Last weekend the temperature soared, the sky was blue and to all intents and purpose spring had arrived. The wildlife put on a show.

Up here on the Welsh border Lambing Live takes place 200 yards up the lane, only downside is that Kate Humble doesn’t come to visit!

The field to the side is occupied with the mums who have two lambs while the field to the rear is for the only child! Watching the newborn lambs skipping around is enough to turn you veggie, especially when you know that in nine months or so we’ll be seeing them on the shelves in Tesco’s.

Not a nice thought.

In the field just down the lane I spotted a black sheep with one lamb, made me stop and think about the black sheep effect.

Without going off on a detailed thesis on scocial pyschology, it would make my head hurt, the way the sheep paid no attention did make we wonder if they are somehow more easy going than us humans.

I suppose I was thinking about barbel forums and the bear pit mentality, the ganging up on individuals who take a different view, the nasty habit of drawing them into conflict, perhaps the sheep can teach us a thing or two?






I’ve told you about Kev before, he is the meatball king, he features in an upcoming article very soon.

Anyway apart from catching loads of barbel on the meaty balls, Kev is a bit of an allrounder.

We were chatting a fortnight or so ago about the perch fishing and Kev told me he had found a tiny pond that he fancied not only for the perch but for a big pike he had a sneaking feeling was lurking in the depths.

As always I said he should follow his instinct and give it a good go.

He did and here’s the result, a pristine twenty plusser that has certainly not been on the bank in recent years.

Good on yer mate, top fishing!





I’ve just posted another article HERE.

This is another written for the magazine that is no more, an expanded version will find its way into the pages of Barbel Fisher magazine.

Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to leave any comments and your own views.


Lots on my plate at the moment and I’m hoping to get along to the Dave Steuart book launch on Saturday.

Don’t forget to get your tickets for the Barbel Show and now is the time to join the Barbel Society for the coming season.

It really is the only barbel organisation out there with an open membership that has the gravitas and history and is guaranteed to help you progress your own fishing among like minded friendly enthusiasts.


All the best,



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