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May Update


I’m sat here in Manly on the laptop still on the other side of the world but thoughts are definitely homeward bound.

Seems like I’ve been here in Sydney forever but next weekend that’s it, we’re on the plane for the long journey home. To be honest I’m actually looking forward to the flight back because for the first time ever and courtesy of my daughter by way of a thank you for helping out with Henry we’ll be flying Business Class. Should be good!

I have not really had a great deal of opportunity for fishing since the last update, looking after Henry has been pretty much a full time job, but I’ve loved every minute of it and can’t wait to get back next January to resume work duties in Paradise by the C .

My latest Fishing Magic Diary has lots of fishing content and if you haven’t read it yet you can check it out HERE.

You will see that there is quite a bit about the upcoming Barbel Show, it’s not that far off now and it promises to be a fantastic day, get your tickets now and I’ll see you there!

As I say most of my time has been spent in the company of my little grandson Henry so I’ll share some of the moments with you on here, I apologise for this indulgence but my life has taken a different direction during these past few months and I’m rediscovering the pleasures of sharing a childhood which as we all know are the most magical moments there can be.

First of all I’ll mention the F word, football!

The season is over now except for a rather important match later tonight when for my sins I will be cheering on the Germans. It’s been a long hard season if you support Tottenham and I don’t want to see them lose a deserved European place because of an English victory. It’s a funny old game as Greavsie used to say.

Anyway watching the last few matches of the season live on the box has been a rollercoaster ride and it looks like it had the same effect on the little guy but it sort of came right at the end although it would have been an even bigger smile if the red half of North London had played the game and lost up in the Midlands!







Before I move on from football, I read that Steve Perryman is making progress in hospital but is still in intensive care, my fingers are crossed for one of my all time favourite Spurs players.




It’s officially late autumn over here, winter starts on June 1st when I will be back in the UK, but the weather is still wonderful, daytime temperature is well into the twenties but still the locals are in their jeans and scarves!

On a rare moment fishing off the rocks I did encounter a fantastic sight as a group of dolphins appeared in my swim! They stayed for a few minutes until some kayakers spotted them and they all drifted back towards the ocean, I managed to get a few shots and you can just make a dolphin out if you look closely.





I had been looking forward to the house auction that took place next door a couple of weeks ago, a new experience having never witnessed a group of people bidding alfresco! I’ve attended auctions in the UK but this was totally different. It took a good fifteen minutes before anyone made a bid, real cagey stuff. However once it started it moved very quickly and unbelievably reached a winning figure of three million dollars! That gives you some idea of how much Sydney harbour properties fetch these days, back where I live you can buy a country estate with a couple of hundred acres for that sort of money! The dear old lady who was selling up after living there for many years seemed pleased enough to become a millionaire!



I expect there will be major building works taking place now, the one house will become three apartments and each one will make two million pounds, I best put my name down!!





Back to Henry. One of the key moments is when a little fella takes his first steps, becomes a fully fledged toddler. I knew it was coming as he had been trying for a good few days but when he finally manged it I have to say it was a magical moment and will stay etched in my memory probably for ever!





I missed out on the Prince concert that took place at the Olympic Park, my daughter went along and enjoyed the show, I’d seen him when he done his residency at the O2 .

The best concerts of the year are looming, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band! I’ll be putting plenty of photos on here from Manchester and Hyde Park !

Enjoyed a special afternoon at a lovely hotel in the city to celebrate Mothers Day, they have a different date over here. The cakes and canapes were excellent but its fair to say only the English know how to make tea!








Although its been a full on job helping out over here I would be telling a lie if I said its all hard work, the lifestyle here is truly fantastic and every day has been a joy. Whether its sitting on the deck at the Wharf Bar at lunchtime sipping lemon/ lime bitters, stopping Henry eating shells on the beach, chatting to the shop assistants about Harry Tuffins – pretty surreal!, watching Teletubbies or Dora the Explorer, pushing the swing or just picking up on the special vibe that you get here in Manly , its all been good and I’ll be back here again next year to do it all over again!







Once I’m back in the UK  I’ll be getting back into barbel mode. There’s loads more family time to share as Henry and my daughter are coming back on the same flight and so June is pretty much taken care of.

But from July onwards I have simply loads of fishing days planned so there will be masses of barbel content on here once again.

But life for me is evolving all the time and priorities change, as long as I stay well I’m looking forward to the months ahead!

See you again very soon.




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