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March Update


Having not wet a line for barbel since Mid November it would appear that I haven’t really missed out that much by being out of the country. The number of good opportunities seem to have been so few but as always there have been a number of hardy souls who managed to take advantage whenever a window of opportunity opened and good luck to them!

I have just seen that a monster has come out that is pretty close to the record – I used to see the captor regularly on the lower Severn many years ago, he has obviously found a special “hunting ground!” Great stuff, perhaps the record will get beaten sooner than we all expect.

The winters really do seem to last forever and I would be telling porkies if I said I would rather be back in the UK waiting for those fleeting moments!

But barbel fishing is never far from my mind and so I’m able to put together a reasonable update for you.

My latest Diary piece has just gone live on the FISHING MAGIC website, you can read it HERE.

It is a bit different to my usual efforts, highly personal where I try to explain just what fishing means to me and how it fits into my life. I’ve pretty much decided that I will write a book and to give you some idea this Diary piece could easily expand to 10,000 words so you can appreciate I had to compress quite a bit to get it down to around 3000, still a long piece for the Internet.

In my Diary you will see that I have mentioned Facebook again, I really do think it is a great place for anglers to chat and discuss topics, it rarely gets heavy and to me that’s the reason it is so popular, people don’t go on there looking to score points. I know there are exceptions and you will always get some degree of trouble but the tone is always set by the page owner. If you encourage people to swear for example it’s not long before someone wants to push the boundary so you have to stick to your guns, it works for me and I enjoy it.

There are a number of barbel related sites and it isn’t difficult to find the one that best suits you.

Now I have mentioned young Carl and Alex before on here, they are a couple of brilliant lads who simply enjoy their fishing to the max and are extremely good film makers. They recently suffered a mishap due to Google and lost a great deal of the work they had put on to YouTube.

Many would have given up after that, not this dynamic duo, they simply shrugged their shoulders and set about putting it all back together again.

Show these lads some support, they are the future and they are super keen.

You can see the kind of films Carl and Alex produce HERE.


Now it’s unusual for someone who is running a business to promote a competitor, well call me unusual because I’m about to give a plug to a good pal who has recently decided to take the plunge and try his hand at guiding.

Lewis Baldwin is a fellow consultant on PegOne and he is a really nice guy, he is well on the way to establishing himself as a major name on the fishing scene and he is the right age.

He has his own website which you can check out HERE.

I will be setting up my own YouTube channel for the coming season, I have lots of idea’s, it’s just a matter of finding the time to implement them!

That’s it for now, off to see Springsteen tomorrow and then at last I have some Aussie fishing lined up.

All the best,


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