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Late – December Update






As I look out of the window, the hilltops are covered in snow and flakes are still falling, a log fire is burning and a hot mince pie and cream is waiting to be devoured, it’s Christmas time and any thoughts of being down on the river pursuing barbel are far from my mind.

Nevertheless I’m hoping to get a couple more chances before my season comes to a premature end. Why is that? Well as much as I love looking out at the snow I really do prefer the sun and so comes the end of January I’ll be off to Sydney for a while where I’ll be enjoying the fishing down under. I’ve just noticed that Rod Stewart is out there at the same time and he’s appearing at a winery in the Hunter Valley where I have seen him before, looks like another unforgettable day is looming!



The R and C Auction

The annual auction we run to raise funds for the research and conservation work has turned out to be another resounding success. It has just recently finished and the total raised is just under £6000, now when you consider how much doom and gloom there is on the economic front, this figure is nothing short of fantastic.

Once again an incredibly loyal and supportive membership have dug deep and done themselves proud.

Somehow I’ve managed to commit myself to five days on the river when I only put up three days, but I’m only to pleased to be doing my bit but how did that come about ?

Well when three guys are willing to bid substantial sums for the pleasure of my company it was the only thing to do, so we had three winners for one lot!

I wasn’t the only one in this position I hasten to add, both Pete Reading and Chris Ponsford found themselves at the centre of a last minute bidding battle and they too have offered their services to all the bidding combatants, a great gesture which is hugely appreciated.

I’m going to take another opportunity on here to thank everyone who supported this years Auction, as I said a brilliant effort and a reminder of why I’m so proud to be involved with the Barbel Society.

Barbel Fisher

Two  words, synonymous with the only barbel magazine that’s out there, and what a brilliant pubilcation it is too!

The latest issue, number 32, has just been delivered to Barbel Society members and like the previous thirtyone it’s a good ‘un.

The cover features Rob Swindells who has also provided an excellent article covering winter tactics, there are other interesting features covering the Wye, Severn and Hampshire Avon.

There is an extract from Dave Steuart’s autobiography and you can be sure there will be snippets from Dave’s new book which is currently being put together.

The research and conservation aspects of the Society are featured heavily and one of the most thought provoking features comes from the BS President, Fred Crouch.

This article has been posted on the web and you can read it HERE.

Join up in 2012!


If you’ve been thinking about it then make the commitment in the new year.

Apart from the Barbel Catchers Club,  there really is no other barbel related organisation out there that can offer the same degree of gravitas as the Barbel Society.

We have been established since 1995 and with the likes of Fred Crouch and Peter Wheat as figureheads and leaders of their generation of anglers, we are now attracting the new generation who have been brought up on the Internet.

All you need to know is on the website and you can join online HERE.




My latest Diary write up has been posted on the Fishing Magic website, here’s the LINK.

It seems like an eternity since I last caught a barbel, five weeks ago to be precise but it was a nice one, eleven and a half pounds.

I’m on my way back to London this week and hope to stop off for a late evening session on the Severn, the lower river has produced some nice fish in recent weeks as I thought it would, unfortunately for me I was unable to take advantage!




If you’ve read my Diary feature you can’t help but notice that I’ve been on a bit of a nostalgia trip, wallowing in it according to my esteemed editor on FM, Ian Welch!

It may be an age thing, probably is, but stumbling across a site on Facebook was the catalyst for releasing many thoughts from the past. I found myself chatting to people who were around in the fifties when I really was in my childhood. I received a message from someone who worked with a guy who was my best friend when I was nine years old, Albert was my pal and we lost touch when we both went off to senior school. Memories of old school teachers were rekindled as pupils from those days came out to post their own memories.

It does seem that Facebook really does rule the roost these days and I’ve noticed how a number of well known anglers have  become totally involved, makes you wonder what the future holds in respect of communication.

It really is easy to “talk” to the likes of Martin Bowler, Des Taylor and most of the carp names just by going to their Facebook page.

You may have noticed that I have put the link to my own Facebook site on the Home page of this website, can’t get left behind!

Watching I’m a Celebrity almost made me homesick for Brentwood! I say almost because it soon passed but I have to say the Essex contingent did themselves proud and I’m not surprised because the true face of the county is a friendly and welcoming one, flash for sure but that’s not such a bad thing if its not taken too seriously!



As I mentioned at the start I’m off to Australia in the new year, looking forward to seeing my daughter for the first time in eighteen months and also my grandson who I have yet to meet! The weather should be nice and warm and I have some fishing lined up as well.

Boss concerts to look forward to next summer and lots of Guiding days to enjoy, the Olympics and Queens jubilee, its already shaping up to be a busy year.

I’ll sign off now and wish you all the very best for the festive season!




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