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Late April Update

April is one of those month’s when fishing takes a bit of a back seat for me, a short hiatus if you like.

Plenty of talk on the Barbel Society forum which has kept me occupied at times but apart from that the past few weeks have been all about other priorities.

Mind you the Barbel Society annual show is just around the corner, Sunday May 9th, and it really does promise to be a good one.

If you are going then I’ll see you there, if you want to come along then check out this link for details and if you can’t make it then be sure to look in here where I’ll be putting up my own thoughts on the day together with lots of photo’s.

So without the fishing, what else has been taking up my time?

Well, among other things I’ve been working hard in the garden getting a new lawn area ready and reducing levels for a new seated area, all in preparation for my upcoming 60th birthday bash! Keeps me fit if nothing else and saves a fortune as well!

Weather wise it’s been crazy, shorts on during the day with temperatures reaching 27 degrees where the sun shines directly on the dial. But then comes the evening and its logs on the fire as the temperature plummets and frost appears on the fields!

The noise up here has been unbearable at times, I never realised sheep could make such a racket! The new lambs are running around in the fields all around me and when the lad arrives on his quad delivering their food parcels its ear plug time!

I’m joking of course, it’s a real privilege living here and a day does not go by when I don’t take a moment just to breathe it all in.


Apart from the sheep we seem to have acquired some new neighbours which hail from South America, weird looking animals who go by the name of Alpaca’s. I know there are more animals than people in this part of the UK but it’s getting silly now!

Spent Easter at home with the family then went back to London for the youngest daughter’s engagement party.

Felt my age a bit in the bar on St. Katharine’s dock as the music boomed out at a deafening level, mind you can’t complain at all the attention from my daughters many friends who I had not seen for many years, boy have they grown up!!

I love the trips back to London, while it’s absolute bliss in the country that old song London’s Calling regularly enters my head and the pull is too great to resist, as is the call from Down Under where I would have been now if it wasn’t for the Barbel Society Show!




Have to say I’ve been watching bits about the General Election but have to admit that this has to be the most boring campaign for many a long year.

I’m well aware of how serious everything is but without one politician with a single ounce of charisma it has to be the biggest turn off ever.

Bring back Skinner, Healey and Heseltine…………..on second thoughts, perhaps not!

And that cannot be good, but  as a society we reap what we sow and the very fact that our national politics is such a mess is symptomatic of the times we live in now. I truly believe it’s a high price we have paid.

These TV debates drop the whole thing down to the lowest possible level, choose a Prime Minister as if its X Factor, unbelievable, how far modern Britain has advanced!

Lempit still hasn’t been around, suppose its a safe seat for him but I would have liked to have told him how clever old Nick has been for pinching Cameron’s Time for a change catchphrase from under his nose. Almost as cynical as Mandelson cosying up to anyone who will have him.

I’ll be glad when it’s all over, till then i’ll stick with the sheep!

Stop Press!  Who was it who said 24 hours is a long time in politics? Possibly Harold Wilson, one of the few things he managed to get right! Since I wrote the words above our great leader has quite possibly experienced the defining moment so far, courtesy of a nice lady who simply asked the obvious question and was insulted for her troubles. Something rather reassuring watching the politicians squirm!


Have a distinct feeling this was the precise moment when Mr. Brown could be absolutely sure that the removal men are on their way!

Only another week of this stuff to go, thank the Lord!


Been watching far too much TV this past month. Enjoyed the final Frost programme although it was a bit of a cop out at the end. Killing off dear old George Toolan was the easy option, I suppose it would have been just too much seeing old Delboy shedding his mortal coil.

Looks like he ‘s riding off into the sunset with his new love, hope it all works out because  I thought she always fancied Lovejoy if memory serves me well!

Well into the American Idol this year, far better than the X Factor in my humble opinion! If you haven’t seen it you really ought to check out the likely winner. She is something really special, goes by the brilliant name of Crystal Bowersox. As Randy always says, check it out…………………..


Football, another subject that everyone has an opinion about!

Used to be a really keen football fan, supported Spurs all my life, went to school very close to White Hart Lane, the same one attended by Billy Nicholson’s daughters, Tottenham is in my blood.

Been to many cup finals, saw most of the games in the double season and even sponsored matches in the early eighties.

Even took my daughters along .

These days I struggle to maintain the same degree of interest but I have to say this past month has been a compelling  one even for a lapsed supporter like me!

I had visions of a trip to Wembley once again but alas Portsmouth put paid to that one! Funnily enough I wasn’t that disappointed, the Pompey fans deserve some cheer and I’m sure Spurs will be back at Wembley before Portsmouth return again. The same feeling for me when Spurs lost to Coventry in a cup final, I remember  saying well done to a group of their supporters after the game and meaning it because I knew it would be many years before they had a similar moment to cherish.

Then the game against Arsenal and the wonder goal from Danny Rose. Over the years I’ve seen many great derby’s but I don’t think there has ever been a goal to match this one!


More of the same against Chelsea but then back down to earth with a bump against Manchester United.

What a player Gareth Bale is turning out to be, just hope Mr. Ferguson doesn’t make an offer we can’t refuse.

Fingers crossed we get the result against the other Manchester club and then its hello to the Champions League and memories come flooding back of that fantastic night back in the sixties against Benfica when Eusebio was the king of Europe!

And while we’re on a European tack, don’t you just love Jose, I know I do! This man really is the business and its good to see him back where he belongs, football needs true charasmatic icons and this guy is the real deal.

And just for my good mate Fred Bonney, here’s hoping the mighty Fulham win tonight and then go on to stuff the scousers!

This might help to inspire Roy and his boys……….


Before I sign off I must mention the latest dvd’s from Bob Roberts and Stu Walker. I’ve watched the latest volumes and they are very good indeed, if you love your barbel fishing you won’t be disappointed with the latest offerings.

I’ll be putting up an indepth review in the next few days, after I’ve laid the turf which is being delivered tomorrow!

If you want to buy them now, here’s the LINK.

Now is also the time to join the Barbel Society, the membership year runs from June 16th. Here’s the LINK you need, it really is well worth it if you enjoy your barbel fishing!

That’s all for now, next time there’ll be lots more about barbel fishing , see you at the Show!


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