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Late April Update


Bit of a cheat this one, I’ve a lot going on at the moment and I’m heading back to London to make sure I take in the Royal Wedding celebrations on Friday. So forgive me for it being so short!

Let me say that while I don’t agree with all the Monarchy gets up to, I’m extremely pleased that Great Britain has one!

I have no truck whatsoever with republican views or those who dismiss this happy event, for crying out loud it’s one of the main things this country of ours is about.

Plus it really is a joyous event and they are pretty rare occurences these days.

The Americans and tourists seem to get it far better than a lot of the moaning minnies when it comes to Royal occasions and thats a bit sad.

Oh well, I’ve had my say, no doubt many will differ but that won’t stop me cheering and waving the flag on Friday.

Now while I offer my sincere best wshes to the Royal couple I have to say that this wedding rather palls into insignificance when up against the real wedding of the year!

That takes place in just a couple of months time and I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m busy working on my Father of the Bride speech, it’s a big deal at weddings these days and heaven help me if I foul up!

So that’s it until next week when I’ll be back with photos from the big day, my take on the never ending close season discussions, Oz, football cup finals, the Barbel Show and much more.

Rule Brittania!

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