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Last Day of November Update

Well it’s still snowing up here, seems it’s snowing over the whole country now.

I’ve been trying to think of some new ideas for the website so that there’s always some interesting things to read when fishing is on hold.

Inspired by the Friends idea on Facebook it occurred to me that I have lots of tales to tell about the many people I’ve come into contact with these past fifty years while travelling on this fishing journey.

I’ve met up with some wonderful people, met up with some I wish I hadn’t as well but hey thats life and there haven’t been too many of those! Most of my bad times have come from the fishing forums and the odd individual and I’ve now cut my ties with all of those.

I’m not going to dwell on that because I’ve had far too many good times to let the occasional bad time get me down.

People I’ve met, people I’ve fished with, people who have played key roles in the Barbel Society, school friends, well known people, not so well known people  and many more.

I’ve had a quick run through and come up with fifty names very quickly.

I’ll keep the “Every Picture Tells a Story” going and will now add a new group of stories under the collective title of , “Friends of Mine.”

It’s just a bit too cold for me to go rummaging about in the studio for some new photo’s, no central heating in there I’m afraid!

So as and when I get the chance look out for anecdotes involving the likes of  Fred Crouch, John Found, Barry Norris, Phil Buckingham, Laurence Breakspear, Martin Bowler, Matt Hayes, Mike Burdon and many more.

So bear with me, and I’ll soon get the ball rolli

Keep safe, keep warm!


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