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Last Day of August Update



You’ll have to forgive another lapse into pure self indulgence but for a Boss fan like myself the news of this release in a couple of months time is manna from above!  This box set goes straight to the top of my Christmas list.

For fellow devotee’s here’s the LINK.

The dogs on Main Street howl
’cause they understand
If I could take one moment into my hands
Mister I ain’t a boy, no I’m a man
And I believe in a promised land


Back in London and a trip down to the wedding dress shop with my wife and youngest daughter. I sat quietly as Katie, my youngest,  tried on what seemed like dozens of dresses but in truth were no more than half a dozen! She looked stunning in all of them and this is just the preamble, the wedding is not till July next year but highly organised is our Katie!

Next day meant a visit to the wedding venue and attending the evening church service. All I can say is that the venue is one of the best I’ve ever seen, I’m under strict instructions from my daughter not to reveal the location and I know better than to disobey! What I will say is that it is in an  idyllic location and is one of, if not the best, venues I’ve ever seen ……………….I’m beginning to look forward to it all, even making notes for my speech!

Then after  lunch in typical English country pub it was off to the Tea Rooms to catch up with James’ ( Soon to be son in law) family to round off a perfect weekend that didn’t include any fishing at all!

For all you dads out there with young daughters enjoy every single minute with them because they grow up in the blink of an eye.


On my way down to London I stopped off at the caravan for a few hours and decided to call in to the pub for the carvery. Sitting at the table with my missus a family of five came into the room and sat at the adjacent table and as I glanced across at the man he seemed vaguely familiar but I was not sure.

He certainly was a striking character not unlike that bloke Bill Bailey on the telly, resplendent in shorts, beads and rockstar teeshirt. As we came face to face going up for our grub he turned and said to me, ” Are you who I think you are?

Well thats always a difficult one just in case you give the wrong answer but I knew at that moment that this was indeed Steve Sumo Carden a long way from his South Coast base!

“Well I think so, How you doing Steve?” says I.

It transpired that Sumo was staying at Martin Cullen’s place just down the road and was hoping to get some fishing in as well as checking out the surrounding area which really is rather pleasant.

I knew Steve from Barbel Catcher’s days.

We touched base on BS and BCC stuff and wondered just where the last fifteen years had actually gone.

And then it was time for me to go leaving Sumo to dig into his roast dinner, he kidded me he was on a diet but I think we all know better!

It really is a small world, this barbel world!

And to end this short piece with more barbel info, if you check out the Articles section you’ll find a new article from Fred Crouch. HERE

Loads of fishing coming up over the next couple of weeks, so plenty of updates to check out. Thats half a dozen in the past month, I’ll be giving Bob Roberts a run for his money at this rate!

All the best,







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