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Fishing in 2023

What does the new year hold in store?

Weather wise January has been a complete nightmare.

The rains came, all good except just too much water fell down from the heavens rendering my preferred fishery pretty much unfishable.

As I get older personal safety becomes even more important and I’m not prepared to put myself at risk.

As I’ve mentioned before my favourite location is right on my doorstep and I can’t wait to get back down there but only on my terms and only when conditions are perfect.

No matter how things pan out for the rest of the winter I will be putting in a big effort and I’m hoping for some excellent results, the Severn still has me under her spell.

I’ve written an article about my approach to the upper Severn and that will be in the next Barbel Fisher due out in May, I’ve somehow found myself editing the magazine so it’s only right that my article is in there!

Around the time that the magazine is out there will be another Barbel Show at Telford, that’s on Sunday June 4th. It will be brilliant as always.

During the summer I’ll be guiding and fishing on the Severn close to Shrewsbury and I’ll also be making three trips to the Trent. I’m winding down but still enjoy the company of new and old friends on the river.

I’m hoping I have the opportunity to do more tench fishing because I really enjoyed the session last year, it rekindled an interest I’ve always had. Fingers are well and truly crossed!

Barbel fishing for me personally has literally come full circle, whatever I do in the future is on my terms, I’ve no wish to carry on repeating what I’ve done before. That’s why the fishing on the real upper reaches of the Severn is so important to me, it ticks all the right boxes.

I really hope I can focus some energy on here and not so much on Facebook, there’s more longevity on here and I can make longer posts!

My life has already changed so much and I’m very conscious of mortality , just need to focus on the positives and make the most of whatever good time I have left.



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