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February Update


Just a few things to mention this time out, barbel fishing for me does not start until the end of June.

My latest Fishing Magic Diary is now live and you can catch it HERE.


The Barbel Society book is almost ready, sales are going well but you really do need to get your finger out if you want one of the leather bound copies!

Full details can be found on the Barbel Society website HERE.

It makes a lot of sense to get along to The Barbel Show in June, many of the contributor’s will be there so getting your book signed will never be easier!




Later in the year I will be attending the wedding of my son in law’s sister at Stock, in Essex.

The last time I was at this venue was back in 2006 when Mark Fox tied the knot.

I found this picture in my library, Mark is on the right dressed to the nines as you would expect, John Smith is on the left looking very dapper as Mark’s best man. But who is the man in the middle trying hard to keep up with the best TOWIE style, you’ve guessed it, Mr. Phil Betteley.

These guys all did their bit for the Barbel Society.

Pretty much lost contact now with Mark and John but Phil seems to be very active on a couple of forums and has totally embraced the role to which I always thought he was best suited!

Poor choice of words at the end of that sentence in light of the photo!



I’m recovering from a real heavy cold, should have taken up the flu jab offer but I thought I would be immune out here in the sun, not so.

Once I’m fully fit fishing will commence in earnest so next time on here there should be some exciting tales to tell.

All the best,


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