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Early April Update




Well unless some kind of miracle takes place in London N17 next week  the Spurs European adventure will be coming to an end, a real shame because although Real Madrid are a decent side and Jose is the best manager in football they certainly didn’t look unbeatable………………well for the first five minutes anyway!

No seriously if only Crouchy hadn’t lost his head and Gomes, well Gomes is Gomes, what you see is what you get and us supporters just have to live with that.

Its always if only.

And the fact that Albert has to go out on the streets busking, the team should be thoroughly ashamed of itself!

But it is only half time, if Madrid were able to score four without reply at home then so can we, that has to be the attitude!

However I’m forgetting what I said about Mourinho, he is the master, if it was anyone else in charge a miracle might be possible, but not with the special one directing the opposing side. Just a bit too much to ask.

But on a positive note the Welsh Wizard is saying it can be done, but then this is the same guy who went to visit his mum in Cardiff when ‘Arry told him to take a foreign break!

Nevertheless if that attitude permeates the eleven good and true then who knows, we can but hope.




Had a lovely time at the weekend back in old London Town, there is no doubt that once a Londoner always a Londoner.

When you live well away from the city and in an environment that is at the exact opposite end of the spectrum, going back is always a pleasure.

Mind you late on Tuesday evening I was seething.

I decided to stay to watch the football so obviously I was not best pleased but I took that in philosophical fashion.

The advantage of leaving London at 10-30pm is that I can drive down the Embankment, around Earls Court and get out on to the A40 reasonably quickly and hassle free for the four hour journey back home.

Not this time.

I did not reckon on the fact that traffic would be at a standstill outside the Tower of London and that I would have to spend more than an hour waiting for the roadworks jam to ease and then suffer another hour detouring South London because Grosvenor Road was shut! Perhaps the M25 during the day was a better option.

Back at the Ritz for Mother’s Day and it was wonderful. First time I’ve ever stepped foot in there and it was as if I had been in a time machine and landed back in the Roaring Twenties. All very glitzy and elegant and a lovely way to spend a couple of hours. I would thoroughly recommend the experience.


A big thank you to our daughters for laying it all on.




I don’t know about you but I’m a big Country music fan.

The Americans love the sound, they always have and in recent times its been the natural home for anyone who enjoyed The Eagles, Doobies, Poco, Gram Parsons etc.

I don’t know why there hasn’t been a big C &W extravaganza at The O2, perhaps there has and I missed it, but I’m sure it would have sold out.

The CMA Award show is a favourite of mine and I try and keep up with who is happening on the scene, good old Bob Harris keeps the flag flying on Radio 2.

An indelible memory I have is watching Shania Twain from the first row on her first tour before she became really famous. I had been out in Canada fishing for the sturgeon with Barry Norris and John Found and we kept seeing her on the TV and we all agreed she was very good, so when I knew she was coming to London I got in very quickly.

I took my daughters along and they had never heard of her but trusted my judgement, anyway halfway during the show ST decided to stand right in front of us, making eye contact while belting out one of her tunes, well I’ll never forget it !

Anyway I’ve just cottoned on to the fact that I really like Gwyneth Paltrow, taken a while but not only is she an awesome actress she can sing as well, lucky boy that Chris Martin.


That leads me on to American Idol!

I’ve said it before on here but I really enjoy this programme. It’s so much better without Simon Cowell, his style can be too abrasive, certainly too much for the American market……………..echos of Internet style as well, perhaps I just like a quiet life?

Anyway there is a seventeen year old lad in the finals this year and he has a phenomenal Country voice, whether he wins or not he is going to be massive, the next Garth Brooks or Tim Mcgraw.


Don’t forget to get your tickets for what I’ve heard is being called The  Greatest Barbel Show on Earth!


I’ll be keeping you updated on here as more details are released.


Thats all for now other than to say I’m thinking of ways to keep this website vibrant and at the forefront, I want to see it become more of an online magazine with weekly updates.

I’m looking at ways to improve the site and attract more visitors although its fair to say the volume of traffic I get is exceeded by very few fishing sites and I am exceedingly proud of that, but I’m not one to rest on my laurels.

See you soon,


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