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Brilliant New Article Added!

Just put up another brilliant article from Lol Breakspear.

This is a really thought provoking piece that should set you right for the last few weeks of the season.

Along with Fred Crouch and Lee Fletcher, Lol is one of the best thinking barbel anglers I know.

This latest feature contains the key to success as a season draws to its close and opens up a multitude of thoughts to apply not just on the Severn but any river.

I agree with practically all of Lol’s views, especially in respect of tight shoaling, and if you read this article in conjunction with the one I wrote about the Lower Severn especially with regard to pre-baiting your chances really should increase.

If you want to leave a comment or pick up on any of Lol’s opinions feel free to do so and Lol will definitely answer your queries.


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