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A New Article Added


There’s another new feature in the Every Picture Tells A Story series in the articles section.

My very good pal Rich Frampton has just enjoyed a great days fishing and he’s put the story together, titled When A Plan Comes Together.

You can read it HERE

I’ve almost finished my latest Blog update and will be putting it up next week after a few days fishing on the Severn and Kennet.

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P.S.  I have just uploaded another photo in Rich’s article. It’s been brought to my notice that doubts over the weight have been cast by some who really should know better but unfortunately just cannot stop themselves from putting their size twelves straight in, a bit of advice, always engage brain before passing comment even if there really isn’t much up there to begin with!

Photo’s often don’t do justice to the size of fish, it works both ways. We often hear and see fish held in a way that makes them appear to be bigger than what they actually are, in most instances it’s just a case of the captor not knowing the best way to hold the fish.

But there are other times when the angle is just off and the barbel can seem to be smaller, that’s when people start jumping to all sorts of conclusions………………………invariably they are wrong!

For the record the person who took this latest photo has probably seen more twelve pound barbel than most , so I expect to see public apologies from any small minded individuals who may have doubted the weight of this fish. I won’t hold my breath though……………………

Sorry about sounding off like this but it really makes me angry when idiots make uninformed comments on the Internet and try to sour a special moment for a good friend of mine.

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