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A LODDON DOUBLE – By Fred Bonney

Every picture tells a story, say’s it about right for me.

 Loddon 10lb8ozs

A memorable occasion also as it was a prize won on BFW, for a day with Graham Elliott of Angling Experiences.
We met up the night before the due date of my trip to the Kennet.

Graham was waiting at the hotel I was due to spend the night, but I was later than expected due to the M25!

Anyway, Graham said that he wanted to show me the River Loddon, so I left all my overnight and fishing gear at the hotel and we set off in his motor.
The swim he wanted to show me in particular was already occupied, so we dropped back downstream into a swim surrounded with Himalayan balsam, quite narrow with a bed of bulrush to the right.
He showed me how he sets up his tackle, explained his method of fishing and then handed me the rod. I followed his advice and method, although he said I could fish any way I liked.
After less than an hour, the big tug came. I held on for dear life as the fish, began its journey to the bulrushes.
After a short skirmish with the fish breaking the surface a couple of times, it was safely in the net, Graham, purposely I am sure, underestimated the weight.
The scales zeroed, fish in the weigh sling, and the reading was 10lb 8ozs.

The photos were taken, I was chuffed to bits, you can tell by the daft smile and my heart was pounding.
A personal best for me, and my first double figure barbel.
We sat for a further hour fishing and then decided to go to the pub to celebrate.
One hour with the master, a double and still the proper prize day on the Kennet to come!

Fred Bonney

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