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Barbel Society Chronology Part 7 – 2001



President; Fred Crouch

Vice President; Peter Wheat

Chairman; Steve Pope

Secretary; Phil Buckingham

Treasurer; Steve Hitch

Assistant Secretary; David Hallett

Membership; John Found

R and C; Mike Burdon

Regional Co-ordinator; Alan Oliver

Fisheries; Don Caliendo

Communications; Martin Ford

BF Editor; Dave Burr

Newsletter Editor; Martin Allen


Commercial/Advertising; John Smith

Merchandise and Shows; Phil Betteley

Website co-ordinator; Steve Hastie

Conference Organiser;


Berks – Dave JohnsonSpeakers included Guy Robb, Stuart Morgan and John Baker, Martin Ford.

Cambs – Mike Bachini – Speakers

Cheshire – Rob Massey – Speakers included Martin Ford

Essex – Mark Fox – Speakers include Martin Bowler, Martin Ford

Herts – Alan Oliver – Speakers included Trefor West

Notts, East Midlands – Jerry Major – Speakers included Martin Ford

South West Midlands – Pete Bailey – Speakers included Martin Ford

Staffordshire – Neil Degg – Speakers included Archie Braddock

Surrey – Lyn Hurst – Speakers included Trefor West, Steve Pope and Fred Crouch.

West Midlands – Steve Hitch – Speakers included Steve Pope and Fred Crouch


Sixth Conference at Hinckley May 13th; Jan Porter, John Bailey, John Baker, F J Taylor, Peter Wheat, Fred Buller, Fred Crouch.

Cheshire Show

Farnham Angling Society

Go Fishing NEC


Bransford, River Teme

Bransford Court, River Teme

Beauchamp Court, River Severn.

Hill House, River Severn

Bushley River Severn

Upper Hampton, River Severn

Pewsham Bristol Avon






Barbel Fisher 11 was issued in the spring.

Barbel Fisher 12 was issued in the autumn.


Number 19 ( Wrongly numbered as 20)was issued in the spring.  One sheets, glossy and colour, giving four A4 sides.

Number 20 was issued in the summer.  Three sheets, glossy and colour, giving  twelve A4 sides.

Number 21 was issued in the late autumn.  Two sheets, glossy and colour, giving eight A4 sides.

R and C

Agreed a joint statement with EA on Stillwater barbel after a meeting.


Wye and Kennet fish in.


Peter Stone booklet issued to members

Commissioned a plaque to commemorate Peter Stone

The Anglersnet website arranged a fish in to remember Gordon Scott, this raised £100 which was donated to the BS junior fund.


The Peter Stone tribute, ‘The Gentleman of Angling’ was published


Gordon Scott Award to Phil Buckingham


Membership Pack completed.

Sponsored the Bisterne Barbel Match in aid of The Stable Family House Trust – this was the start of what became the Avon Fundraiser.


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