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The Upper Severn is a Wild Place to be!

The Upper Severn is a wild place to be. Since returning to fishing after a 14-year absence I have made it my first point of call when the time to fish has presented itself. However I first cast a line into the Teme at Little Hereford in the end of the summer of 08 and the same day Steve stumbled across me hidden or so I thought. After joining the Barbel Society within the next 48 hours the bug had bitten again.

 9lb 3 Feb 09

Now living in Telford there is really good fishing on my doorstep but my job as an agronomist allows me to travel to other areas easily and that is where the upper comes in. I can see my clients and be on the bank within 10 minutes.

The stretch that I found is controlled by Montgomery Anglers just outside Welshpool.There are deep holes and glides, fallen trees and branches, gravel runs, all the attributes that make it a haven to all aquatic life.

 Otters 081209 Leighton. 003

This season has been as difficult as anywhere else. What was a relatively demanding place to find fish has been made even more so with the way the season has run its course up to now.

Otters 081209 Leighton. 008

Last season was relatively straightforward in comparison. Several fish including my first double arrived in the last few months of the season. The chub fishing is really untapped and there really are some monsters and the grayling fishing ain’t bad either!!

Upper Severn Chub

There are some really big barbel present on the Upper Severn.Finding them is not easy. The river changes as quickly as the weather. But with perseverance they are there and to catch a huge fish from that far up the river would be a massive achievement.

After a short while I had the opportunity to take over the role of Regional Organiser for Shropshire and from this the new area of “Midshires” was born to cover Shropshire, Powys, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The idea was to continue the tradition of informative meetings at great locations. This has been achieved and extended to include less formal opportunities to meet up simply for a chat over a pint. For me, being a “newbie” to all this in real terms, I can’t promote it enough! The chance to meet some really nice people that aren’t afraid to talk and share they experiences is a key facet. When I stopped fishing back in the mid ‘90’s that wasn’t always the case!!

So, keep a look out for the next Midshires meet up, on here or the Barbel Society website or on BFW.

Rich Frampton.

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  1. Eerily similar to my start to the BS, first session at little hereford and then making the upper Severn at Leighton bridge “my venue” albeit the other side of the bridge, hope to see you there sometime rich.

  2. Hi where would be best finding the barbel on the baa streches? Pool quay? Forden? Any info would be great thanks.

  3. Hi Jack, I haven’t fished those stretches but I will at some point because they are very close to home. I would recommend walking the banks at the very start of the season because you can sometimes get an idea of numbers by checking the shallows. We did this at Welshpool. Otherwise its a matter of trying all the likely looking swims. There are more otters around these days and I expect that would have had an impact but barbel are still there to be caught, big ones as well. I have fished at Leighton Bridge, there are barbel in thearea but not many. They run to double figures .The very best of luck, keep me informed because it won’t be too long before I start fishing those areas seriously.

  4. Thanks alot for the reply Steve, yeah i looked at all the baa stretches (pool quay forden and buttington bridge) last weekend, also the maa lower leighton stretch, a local told me poachers have hammerd lower leighton but still looks good, im always down newtown on weekends and lonely on a saturday as the mrs goes out all day every saturday, im young and new to barbel fishing, the upper severn fascinates me i could sit and watch it all day without a bite no problem! hope i get to see you on one of the banks when the seasons back on! could do with as much info as possible! thanks again steve.

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